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#RECHARGE Yoga Wheel Workshop with Yogi Bare

14-Aug-2022 11:00

Join us on Sunday 14th August for the ultimate #RECHARGE Yoga Wheel Workshop with Yogi Bare. 
Designed for rowers and individuals who do strength training regularly, the 90-minute workshop by Yogi Bare is filled with a variety of different poses specifically for those who need a stretch. You will be shown the ways in which the yoga wheel can be used to release the back and relax the body, also great for those of you who work from home or who are sat at a desk all day.  

Tickets cost £49 per person which includes the 90-minute Yoga Wheel Workshop, the Yogi Bare Yoga Wheel to take home with you, post-workout snack pots by Fresh Fitness Food and a few glasses of Pale Fox Non-Alcoholic Prosecco to enjoy post-class!